Foreword project

Due to the intransigence of our old server provider, our old server was down for more than 20 days. After such a long downtime period, we did not trust the provider anymore and we decided to move somewhere else.

We only had access to the server files after a long, intermitted and exhausting communication with our old server provider. Additionally we had to download everything manually which led to long delays.

Our business have been threatened, and our advertisers advertising power zeroed, but we had an idea for reestablishing our Network and make it even stronger; GEM GAIN.

Project Summary project

We are building GEM GAIN less for the income, and more as a tool for reestablishing all our sites programmatically. Having an actual product helps to offset some of the infrastructure costs we have in redesigning.

We have 20 Advertising websites that need fixes, improvements, upgrades or restyling. With our GEM GAIN Project, we aim to dedicate some time to each of our websites while poviding always more value to GEM GAIN at the same time.

We will work on each of our Advertising Websites, one at a time. In return, each of these websites will give back a small percentage (3 to 7%) of their advertising income back to GEM GAIN - Forever!
The amount of money generated in such way is then splitted among the GEMs owned by our members here, making the GEM price always go higher.

This is a win-win system for both our old websites and GEM GAIN too.

Network Incubator project

A business incubator is an organization that helps companies to develop/improve their businesses by providing a fullscale range of services.

We will reinstate and improve all our Network Websites, one by one, giving them a new life.

GEMonomics project

Each GEM increase in value each week. The increase could be smaller or bigger but it is always GUARANTEED. Every week we divide the pool among all the sold GEMs. Then new GEM purchases will be at the new price.

The "GEM Weekly Price Forecast" that you can find above on this page may be of decisional help if you think to buy new GEMs

Every GEM owner can sell their GEMs at any time.

Roadmap project

Although we can roughly tell that one month time may be needed maximum to improve each website of the Network, we cannot make an appropriate estimate on the lenght of the full Project, because probably this will be a continuos work in progress.